Innovation Project Spaces of North America Foundation is presently a CA Nonprofit Corporation for Public Benefit and in the process of filing for federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit status

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What is the project about?
The project is a startup learning center initiative cooperating with local and regional universities.
Who are your Partners?
Our partners are university programs (through use of internship and advanced thesis study programs), community facility holders, facility donors and entrepreneurial partners.
Who do you Serve?
STUDENTS: Empowering employment ready skill building in sectors that are underrepresented.

PARTNERS: University Institutions/Students in-community space for existing projects, student intern participation, training curriculum
Program Examples
Program examples relate heavily to the programs of our university partners. We have a variety of program type examples on our homepage.
Who Provides the Instruction?
University program partners provide the curriculum production and program participation.
What are the Instruction Topics?
All topics are related to underrepresented technology with high demand for employment opportunity with specific pre-training skills.
Facility Plans
Local Regional Outdoor Crossover Space
Local Regional Outdoor Program Space Local Regional Indoor Program Space
What is the future expansion plan?
The future expansion plan is to make curriculum cross center, cross region as part of the Non Profit/ For Profit setup.
What is the entrepreneurial component?
There is an entrepreneurial component to the center manager structure which is allowed to be a for-profit, franchise endeavor for sustainability and representation while additionally falling under entrepreneurial management.